• Birth Name : Jung Yun Ho
  • Hangul : 정윤호
  • Hanja : 鄭 允浩
  • Also known as : 유노 윤호 , 瑜鹵允浩 (U-Know Yunho), ユンホ (Yunho)
  • Profession : Singer and actor
  • Birthdate : 1986-Feb-06
  • Birthplace : Gwangju, South Korea
  • Height : 188 cm
  • Weight : 66kg
  • Star sign : Aquarius
  • Blood type : A
  • Labels : SM Entertainmen, Rhythm Zone
  • Associated acts : SM Town, TVXQ
  • Family : Younger sister ( Jung Ji Hye)



Yunho was born and raised in Gwangju, South Korea. He has a younger sister, Jung Ji-hye. At the age of thirteen he joined SM Entertainment, after winning a dance competition. Before debuting in 2003, Yunho appeared in label-mate Dana’s music video for her song “Diamond” as a backup dancer and rapper. He has said he chose his stage name to be U-Know because as the leader of the group, he wants to understand everybody as in “I know you.”

How Yunho became one of the members TVXQ

Yunho came second earning his spot in the company by winning first place during an audition dance competition. His move to Seoul was not done in vain. YunHo was first introduced to the entertainment world as a back dancer, and rapper for a senior singer of SM Entertainment, Dana. The company eventually decided YunHo’s skills were wasted, and replaced him within a prodigy group. He would be known as U-Know YunHo.

Musical Carrer

For The 2nd Asia Tour Concert ‘O’, Yunho performed his self-composed song Spokesman. He and band-mate Micky are also featured rappers in “Heartquake” from Super Junior’s Thirt Album, Sorry Sorry. For the Tohoshinki 4th Live Tour 2009: The Secret Code in Tokyo Dome, Yunho performed his self-composed song Checkmate in Japanese. In February of 2010, it was announced that Yunho would be performing in the Korea leg of the posthumous concert This Is It dedicated to legendary icon Michael Jackson. He will train in Los Angeles and Las Vegas with Genevieve Cleary, Maurice Pledger, and others who worked closely with Jackson. The project is the first joint production between Korea and the U.S.

Acting Career

Yunho has appeared on two televised shows with TVXQ, Banjun Theater and Vacation in 2006, Yunho made an appearance guest in Rainbow Romance in July of 2009, Yunho was cast in the MBC miniseries “Heading to the Ground” (Hangul : 맨땅에 헤딩)



While the group was filming a variety show on October 14, 2006, Yunho was rushed to the hospital after drinking a beverage, which was laced with super glue, that had been given to him by an anti-fan. His manager quickly instructed him to vomit right afterward. The anti-fan turned herself in the next day. The female suspect, whose surname is Ko, was apprehended on October 16, was a member of an anti-TVXQ website for over two years. Ko wrote a letter to U-Know:

To, Jung Yunho

You watch your mouth!! Ever since the debut you were so stuck up. You won’t last after a couple years… You would be forever seen as some teen idol not real singer. Do you know your limit? Only little kids like you!… I really want to kill you. *Don’t ever act carelessly to Yunho, because I’ll kill you first >_<*

U-Know, who has a younger sister the same age as the culprit, contacted the police and requested that they not press charges against Ko in spite of the potentially severe consequences of what she did. He mentioned on a television show a while after he had recovered that the entire event “affected [him] more mentally than physically”. There were many unanswered questions, such as why U-know drank from the open container, and how the culprit managed to enter the building of the broadcasting station.



2005, MBC, Rainbow Romance, Guest
2005, SBS, Banjun Theater
2006, Vacation, as U-know
2009, MBC, Heading to the Ground, as Cha Bong Goon

Questionaire about Yunho

1. Korean Name: Jung YunHo
2. Chinese name: Zhang Yun Hao
3. birthdate: Feb. 6th, 1986
4. height: 188 CM
5. weight: 66 Kg
6. blood type: A
7. religion: Christianity
8.talent: jumping,something has to do with breathing,dancing, singing, writing lyrics/composing
9. hobby: listening to music, singing, exercise
10. family members: father, mother, younger sister
11. future wishes(what he wants to be back then): PD,a successful businessman
12. what 2 do when theres free time: listening to music, singing
13. spent most money on: CDs,clothes and shoes
14. music type:Hip-hop, R&B and Soul, songs that I feel like it fits me(YH).
15. type of girl you like: girls that takes responsibilities, stand up for what they thought/said/and their actions.
16. future plans: becoming international star, want to try being a director and acting.
17. Happiest moment: first time performing with DBSK
19. most embarassing moment: while performing in China, some of the Shinhwa fans came up to me(YH) and mistake me for JunJin(hyung), they asked for autographs, too! *he’s both so look like ^^*
20. fav. food: I’m not that picky, but I like kimchi and BBQ meat
21. how did you enter SM: did a lot of dance performance, SM saw one of my perf. after that, I signed official contract with SM
22. fav. movie(s): Lord Of The Ring and This lazy woman
23. fav. gift from your fans: I like all the things the fans sent me, but if I have to pick, mostly CDs, clothes and shoes.
24. what type of music do you want to try: something simple
25. fav. scenery in China and food(they are talking about his trips to China with SM): I like PeKing ducks and SanDong cuisine; clearly remember people riding their bikes on the open road and the bar that is in some of the taxi!
26. what you cook best: Kimchi(soup) and pizza, its really good when I make it ^^!
27. fav.manga(s): CHIHRTO(it’s in english. )
28. do you play video games: Yes, sometime, I like those boxing type games.
29. what you thought of the chinese fans: very good hospitality and nice
30. what you thought of yourself: when I start out to do something, I tend to/must finish it before I move along, I consider myself a very responsible person.
31. who are you mostly accquinted with in SM: JunJin(hyung) and Dana
32. first impression on Dana: first impresion was innocent, cute and honest singer. she still the same right now.^^!
33. sleeping habbit(they ask weird questions): there isnt really anything, except I like to sleep slightly diagonal.
34. nickname: JunJin Jr?? 😀

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