[Vid] TVXQ cover band from Thailand ‘Eternal Rhythm’

Wow we got this very sweet email from Alex


They’re called “Eternal Rhythm”, a dance group from Thailand and the boys (students, 18-21 yrs old) have been covering TVXQ for 4 years now (!!!) with more than 80 performances.

TOP = Yunho
Aom = Jaejoong
Nick = Junsu
Em = Yoochun
Ram / Song / Bam = Changmin (currently rotating)

They’ve received a lot of awards and prizes, for their skillful and artistic way of representing TVXQ in Thailand dance contests.

They’re incredibly sweet and support Thai Cassiopeia and help to keep faith in TVXQ,
dancing to all (!!!) TVXQ choreography almost flawlessly over the years,
from performing Hug and Balloons in 2006, lip-synching for ballads like Bolero and Hey! Girl,

To Ayy Girl in the last dance competition 3 weeks ago
and even doing a fantastic job dancing to Maximum (only by watching SMTown fancams).

Here’s only a selection of Eternal Rhythm’s work:

Maximum (new) > 720 HD

Ayy Girl (new) > 720 HD

Rising Sun (2006)

Rising Sun (2007)

Mirotic (2009) > very loud, turn down volume!

pre-show at SMTown Bankok (2009)

Hey! Don’t bring… (2009)

No! (2009)

Wrong Number (2009) > 720 HD

Purple Line (2009) > 720 HD

Mirotic in TV program (2009)

O + PL + Mirotic (2009)

R U a good Girl (2009) > 720 HD

Xiahtic (2009) > 720 HD

Checkmate (2009) > 720 HD

Choosey Lover (2010) > 720 HD

Tri-Angle feat. BOA and Trax (2010) > 720HD

Mirotic (2010) > 720 HD

Rising Sun (2010) > 720 HD

some funny personal videos for their Mini fancafé in Thailand:

(Behind the Stage 2008)

(Ha Ha Ha Song)

(in the restaurant with staff & crew)


WEBSITE: http://loveer.18.forumer.com/
Contact: NujayOlanla or kuroageha @youtube

http://imgur.com/Y1GQg.jpg (credit: Nujay)

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