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Today, the first episode will be broadcasted

2010-04-15 (Thurs)

Kya~~~this is @Okima.
Today, the first episode will finally be broadcasted!

At the moment, we are bang in the middle of the editing task!
It is very late, we don’t know if we can make it!!

Did you watch the telephone (T/N: the talk part in the program “Waratte iitomo”) of Jaejoong-san?
He was very nervous~~
Too bad he didn’t get Tamori-san’s strap……
And, tomorrow, Eita-san will appear in the same program.

(Other sentences omitted)


The day after the broadcast!!

2010-04-16 (Fri)

Hello, this is @Okima.

Yesterday, the first broadcast was carried on without any accidents….. I thought we can breath easily….
But we have to get going for the second episode….
The serial dramas are always running on shoestrings!!

So everyone, how was “Sunaoni Narenakute”?
The story will spread out in the future,
so you shouldn’t look the other way, for even a moment—

A few days ago, I asked what this black object was.
I will announce the answer here☆

The answer is!!


It is the helicopter during airborne. (T/N: During the opening scene, there were many scenes taken from the air.)
When we saw them with bare eyes, the helicopter seemed to be flying near us!!

Everyone, please support “Sunaoni Narenakute” in the future, too!!

Source: FujiTV “Sunaoni Narenakute” Staff Blog
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

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