[Fanaccount] Lucky fans welcome Junsu in the CIP tunnel

This time for Junsu’s arrival, I pondered for a long time on whether to go to the airport or not
I’ve tried many times before, but never got to see them…
So at 2AM at night, I tossed a coin which decided I would go anyways.

A bunch of us went to the airport at 8
We ate and went to the airport. Around 10, we arrived in T3, then there were 2 hours with no news, so many fans waiting, it was disappointing.
There were many young people there, as old as I am, I thought about giving up around 1

Then a friend who likes Fahrenheit said they are waiting at T2 for Fahrenheit, the two of us decided to go to T2
At the time we wondered if they would arrive in the came plane because it came from Incheon
Then when we waited for Junsu, we saw Fahrenheit.
Then we heard Junsu would arrive at 4, so we decided to go back to T3 to wait = =

We returned to T3 about 3:30, 2nd floor was flooded with people, about 400-500?
I thought, if Junsu came out this way, he would be trampled upon, so there’s no way he would to through the regular tunnel.
So the two of us stayed on the forth floor, look at the exit, trying to find a the possible car.
We saw Junsu’s manager on the 2nd floor, far away from the crowd talking to the bodyguards
(I can’t be positive its the manager, but I’m pretty sure it is!)
So we went to the 2nd floor after the manager and bodyguard, but there wasn’t anything, so we returned to the 4th floor and continued to wait…

Walking back and forth, we thought there’s no way we’ll see him
I told those with me that would should go to CIP, since we are not going to see him anyways…
PS~ CIP is for important businessman, not VIP
Even though they were hesitant, we went anyways (The time JCS came, we went but didn’t see anyone)

Right went we got to CIP
Junsu arrived, not a minute late = =
Then there were screaming, it seems like everyone were screaming… because we were really close
In CIP, there were about 20-30 people, but they surrounded Junsu (so to think if he went through the regular tunnel, he’d surely get trampled…)

Junsu was about 5 meters from the car, all the fans were very excited
The first time he wasn’t successful in getting in to the car… he was about 1 meeter away but turned back…
He waited at CIP’s big lobby, then hid in a passageway no one can see

Then the fans stood back, each side with about 10 people…
Everything went quiet, so this time Junsu came back, and successfully got into the car

I was so close to Junsu’s face, about 10cm?
That white rimmed glasses, so bling bling, making Junsu really stand out = =
In the lobby you can see his whole body, him in his suit
He’s skinnier, his face is skinnier, so are his legs…

After the car left for two hours, the entire crowd screamed, there was so much love >< Then the fans, whether they know each other or not, they hugged each other laughing and crying. Then I cried… After being a fan for more than 4 years… Then, the end… Oh yes, this time Junsu looked very happy, always smiling, so cute ><
The fans that saw Junsu behaved really well, those the waited at the regular tunnel worked hard too
Tomorrow’s showcase, everyone fighting! Junsu Junho Fighting~~

credit: yoosubar+mirror+疯了奥尼@xiahbar
trans : sharingyoochun.net

shared by: WADLlovers.wordpress.com

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