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I can finally say it today!!
I know there are people who already know of this, but…
Yes, this is a miracle.

I met with Tohoshinki’s YunHo (>_<)!!!!
This is absolutely a miracle!!!
I’m shocked.
I have mentioned that I wish to meet him in person, but it was just a dream and I had never thought that it could happen for real.
When I was invited to interview YunHo, I screamed out loud!!

On the day of the interview, I took a taxi there myself, and reached a place that is unknown to me.

Finally my dream came true. (;_;)
What’s really funny is that on page 91, I told Kumiko that I wish to meet with YunHo. (Laugh~)
I really think that this is a huge miracle that had happened to me. (Laughs~)

Not many fans can actually interview their idol.
I really wish to ‘dig’ out what most of the people want to know and hear, and what others want to tell him, but I was too nervous, I ended up not even being able to remember what I said. (Laugh~)

Even now I feel nervous typing this article. Hope that I did not say anything unbelievable out. (Laugh~)

I told YunHo that no matter what, Tohoshinki had made us all happy.
No matter its Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, other Asian countries or the fans from around the world, we all feel the same way too.

Therefore, keep smiling.

I think that is something that everyone who loves him wanted to tell him.
I’m not sure if I successfully conveyed my message to him, but I know that’s what I wanted to say. (Laugh~)
To me, Tohoshinki’s YunHo is my beliefs.
I respect him and I’m serious about this.
After meeting with him, of course the love I have for him have increased and learnt to respect him wholely.
I will love Tohoshinki and YunHo forever!!

Dreams will come true~ (Laugh~)

Source: BaiduUKnow + Murata Mari’s Blog
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! } + WADLovers
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

.. .. .. .. ..

yeah no matter what~
our boys make us happy~~ ^^

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