TRANS]100303 TohoshinKING Dominates Amazon Japan’s Ranking!!

Amazon’s Top Sale Music January 2010!

“TVXQ Break Out!!”

Amazon’s Top Sale Music February 2010!

“TVXQ Best Selection Album!!”

Amazon’s Top Sale in Music Right Now!

“TVXQ Best Video Clip!!”

*We already know how this one will do in March, right?

Amazon’s Top Sale in January 2010!!

TVXQ Dominates The Top 2!!!

(In Japanese: Arashi #3)

*And here is the top sale in magazine ranking!
Any guess? Who is featured in this magazine?? LOL

Top Sale in Magazine Ranking! “KBoom! (TVXQ featured)”

And Pre-order of Kboom May issue is already sold out at CD Japan!

*I missed buying it, so those of you international fans who missed it too, let us wait for reprint.
JJ magazine’s reprinted issue is now available at CD Japan (available for international fans).…html?key=348854

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: CD Japan+Amazon:…ref=pd_ts_m_mte
Translated by:
Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! } + WADLovers

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