[Trans] 100212 PATI PATI March 2010 Issue – Tohoshinki PATI PATI BEST SELECTION

SPECIAL SELECTION OF PHOTOS AND INTERVIEWS! 2005 >>> 2010 This issue brings to you the photos and special interviews done for the songs that are included in their best album, [BEST SELECTION 2010], which will be released on 17 February! Let’s look back on the candid interviews that were done with these regulars of PATI PATI.


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This single was released in October 2008 as the title song, which is energetic and sexy, for their 4th Korean album.
During last year’s arena tour, they coordinated their dance moves with large screen LCDs and gave an exciting performance to the audience.
If one mentions 2008, one will definitely remember [PURPLE LINE], released in January that year, that allowed them to achieve their first Oricon Chart #1!
Through this single they also made a new record of number one singles and made that year an undeniable of number ones.

02. Share The World

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This single was released in April 2009 as a double A-side single with the song [We Are!] and became the opening theme song for the popular anime [One Piece].
It can be said that this is a piece of work that shows of Tohoshinki’s open and bright personalities.
It also made all 5 members very happy as they are all fans of [One Piece]!
Also, not only did this song garner the support of music fans, it also received a lot of love from anime fans and children, achieving a breakthrough.

03. My Destiny

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PP: In the lyrics of [My Destiny], there’s one line that goes “Even if I’m reborn again…” If you had a chance to be reborn again, what do you want to be?

Junsu: A soccer player. Because I love singing, so I eventually became a singer, but before that, I dreamed about becoming a soccer player. Even now, as long as there’s time, I’ll play soccer.

Jejung: Even if I’m reborn again, I still want to be a member of Tohoshinki. Also, I want to complete all my wishes which I didn’t have a chance to fulfil.

Changmin: I want to be a farmer.

PP: A farmer? (laugh)

Changmin: When I was studying Japanese I read a book which told a story about a farmer. I want to be like that farmer and live in a natural and quiet place.

Yunho: I want to become a bird because I really like to watch the sky. I must look at it at least 3 times a day. This allows me to regain my strength and I feel more calm within. So I want to become a bird who can soar freely in the sky.

Yuchun: I don’t want to be reborn again. But whatever the case, I wish I can be born somewhere else aside from Earth and I want a body free from allergies (laugh).

Junsu: Yuchun really loves dogs but he’s really pitiful as he can’t keep them due to his allergies.

04. Why did I fall in love with you?
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(The topic moved on to the PV)

PP: What do you guys think? Just like in the drama, when the wedding has reached its climax and the church doors open to reveal her ex-lover… I feel like he would hold her hand and walk away… Like that, don’t you feel like experiencing that?

Junsu: Then I’ll become the third party (laugh).

Changmin: This is Junsu’s specialty.

Jejung: He’d do that even if it’s a complete stranger’s wedding.

Changmin: This is how he usually goes to a bunch of weddings and spoil them before returning.

PP: Ah, Junsu, you’ve done it again! (laugh) (Like the boy that cried wolf)

Changmin: Everyone escapes together.

Junsu: What are you saying? I definitely won’t do something like that! If I want to do it, I’ll create trouble during your honeymoon (laugh).

Changmin: You’re the worst.

Jejung: Although I won’t antagonize the other party so directly, but I’ll leave a note in the packet that contains the congratulatory money (t/n: as gifts to the wedding couple) and write the words “GIRLSCOUT” (laugh).

PP: What a careful method of showing your power.

Jejung: Then, when they’re on their honeymoon, beforehand I would have checked which hotel they’re staying in and leave another note on their pillow. On the note I’ll write the words “GIRLSCOUT”, and I’ll continue to do that everywhere.

Yunho: So despicable!

PP: In the beginning it might seem like a cute prank, but if you keep doing that, aren’t you afraid that they’ll hate you (laugh)?

Jejung: I’m joking. Then it’s better to wait 20 years after their marriage and then I’ll marry their daughter!

Yunho: Lame! (laugh)

Jejung: Really~~!

05. Purple Line

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PP: You started the year with [Purple Line] and I heard that this song is by the same composer for the songs [Rising Sun] and [O] which are both very popular during concerts.

Junsu: Yes, but the style is different from [Rising Sun]. That is to say, this song is not really Tohoshinki’s usual style.

Yunho: It’s a little different from our usual image.

Junsu: To be honest, after the firs recording, in order to have a higher level of perfection, they let us record it again.

Jejung: There are some parts that just don’t match.

Changmin: That’s why during the second recording, they increased two keys for the beginning portion.

Junsu: The way we vocalised also changed. So the final result was very different.

Yunho: This song will allow you to feel a new Tohoshinki, and we’ll become even better in the new album, so I hope everyone won’t forget this single too quickly when the new album is released!

PP: So, it’s disheartening right from the beginning of the year. Are the oyaji gags from Junsu, which healed these 4 people, finally coming to an end?

Junsu: (cracks an oyaji gag)

All: …..

Junsu: Then, “If you keep eating a little, how much is a little?” (another oyaji gag)

All: Thank you for your hard work! (laugh)

06. Stand by U

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Changmin: The lyrics are very honest. Although I don’t have that kind of experience, but I think as long as you’re a man, you can develop this kind of feelings.

Jejung: I can also relate to the lyrics “Everytime the phone rings I hope to see your name appear”.

Yunho: I can relate to “I remember your back, your tied up hair”. I’ve also had an experience when I was on the streets and thought that I recognised someone I used to date.

PP: Could it be a miraculous coincidence?

Yunho: No it’s not! It’s the exact opposite. It turned out to be a complete stranger. Although I was really disappointed but thank goodness I didn’t have the courage to go up to her (laugh).

Jejung: Ah, that happened to me many times.

Yunho: At that moment, although you thought you forgot it all, the memories just come rushing back.

PP: After that, even if you just smell the perfume that she used to use, it will be like that, right?

Yuchun: Ah~ that’s right! You really will think “it’s that person’s smell”.

Jejung: The memories that have been absorbed, even if you forget it for a moment, they will not completely disappear.

Yunho: How a man feels about these kind of things, I think any man will understand. But I hope that through this songs, females will understand the men who continue to miss them even after the break up, and to treasure these memories.

Honest & Personal Question: What kind of family do you want to create?

PP: Jejung, how many kids do you want to have in future?

Jejung: For this, any number is fine. I also have to consider my wife’s healthy (laugh). It would be nice if I can have many kids but if there are too many, my strength would not be sufficient and my wife would feel burdened. So, I think the most would be 3 kids.

PP: If the members’ kids are all about the same age and if they are all boys, what do you think about forming a little Tohoshinki?

Changmin: Ah, better not. Junsu’s kid will definitely be very ‘free’, my child won’t be able to stand that guy. Before this happens, I’lll encourage him to withdraw (laughs).

PP: Yunho’s ideal family is?

Yunho: Me and my wife. As for kids, 2 sons and a daughter would be nice.

PP: Yunho seems to require looking after, but after you become a parent, it seems like you’ll spoil your kids a lot. Especially the girl.

Yunho: That’s right. I’ll keep thinking so cute, so cute, why are they so cute (laugh). (He laughs in a silly manner.)

PP: But I thin there are times when you are stern too.

Yunho: I think I’ll definitely spoil her a little, but not to the extent that she becomes a nuisance for others. I’ll be firm and educate her about basic manners and values.

PP: Yuchun’s ideal family is?

Yuchun: I just want a cute wife and a cute daughther. If possible, I just want one.

PP: Eh? Is that so? Are you saying you just want to have one child and give her all your love?

Yuchun: There’s also that thought. But isn’t it true that when there’s lesser people, you understand each other better. Even if I have a child, I can’t place all my attention on her. I think it is better to have a good relationship with my wife. If there are too many kids, wouldn’t it become a hindrance when it’s love love time with my wife (laughs). (t/n: he said ‘love love’ XD)

PP: Do you want a son or daughter?

Junsu: I want 2 sons and I think one daughter would be best.

PP: And the order of birth?

Junsu: First I’ll have a son, followed by another son. After that I’ll have a daughter. But if I haven’t become an adult by then, then I can’t do this (laugh).

And More………..

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